2015 Enduro Set for March 15, 2015

The 2015 Cajun Classic is set for March 14 and 15, 2015.

Sunday’s Enduro Flyer

Saturday’s Sprint Enduro Flyer


ADR Saturday Sprint Enduro Info

ADR’s Sprint Enduro set for Saturday, March 14th, will be part of SERA’s Harescramble series.  Classes and scoring will be under SERA Harescramble rules.

Keytime is at 10:00 a.m.

2015 Sprint Enduro Poster

ADR 1st Annual Sprint Enduro

ADR 1st Annual Sprint Enduro

1987 ADR Enduro

Thanks to Bruce, Donna and Lucas Comeaux for this video footage!

1987 ADR Cajun Classic Enduro from LC22 on Vimeo.

SERA Season Kick-off


SERA kicked off its Enduro season with the Cherokee Enduro in Greensboro, GA.  196 racers participated.  SERA is waiting on scoring to post the results.

2015 SERA racing schedule

The SERA 2015 Schedule of Events

 The 2015 Schedule currently has 7 enduros and 5 Hare Scrambles.

More races are expected to be added as dates and locations are finalized.



For more information please visit our website at Seraracing.com

Follow us on Twitter @Seraracing   or  Like us on Facebook at Seraracing

Trail Boss Helmet Presented to Jason Benoit

2014 Trail Boss Jason Benoit is presented his helmet by outgoing President Tracy Barstow at the 2014 July 4th Lake End camp out.

Another Event in the Can


This year’s rescheduled date affected turnout, but overall our 2014 event was deemed a success. Thanks to all who were able to come out and work the event.

Top 5 Overall event winners:

1st – Carsten Cagle, AA
2nd – Stephen Reed, AA
3rd – Trent Whisenant, AA
4th – John S Manning, A Open
5th – Erin Daigle, A Open

Kids Events

Place Name Class Laps Mins Secs
1 Susan Reine Girls Vet 10 43 30
2 Lindsay Martin Girls Vet 6 43 42
1 Jeremy Corley Kids Vet 11 43 50
2 Trevor Hulin Kids Vet 9 41 52
3 Will Lanclos Kids Vet 8 44 23
1 Ryan Reine Kids Int 10 44 4
2 Cole Fontenot Kids Int 9 41 34
3 Gavin Vincent Kids Int 5 39 37
1 Jack Comeaux Beg PW 6 20 16
2 Evan Cornell Beg PW 5 20 36
3 Ethan Cornell Beg PW 4 19 24
1 Daniel Reine PW 8 20 8
2 Pete Comeaux PW 7 21 23
3 John Avila PW 6 21 9
4 Holden Daigle PW 5 19 30
5 Ben Blanco PW 5 22 7


LACC Rd 3 has New Date


The LACC Jim Bowie event near Sicily Island, LA, has been rescheduled for May 18th. Visit www.acadianaracing.com for updates. See Sunday’s flyer here.

LACC Rd 4 Results


ADR was well represented at LACC’s Round 4, the Angola Bike Rodeo, held on April 13th. 170+ riders competed.

Brett Fontenot – 8th Overall; 5th, XC1
Lucas Comeaux – 10th Overall; 3rd, XC2
Blake Plonsky – 10th, Intermediate
Chris Breaux – 18th, Intermediate
Biff Koonce – 5th, Novice
Drew Cornell – 10th, Beginner

Jack Comeaux – 3rd, Beginner PeeWee
Ethan Cornell – 9th, Beginner PeeWee
Evan Cornell – 11th, Beginner PeeWee
Pete Comeaux – 3rd, PeeWee

Congratulations to all ADR racers!

Top 5 Overall event finishers:

1st – Forrest Smith, XC1, Yam
2nd – Jason Harvey, XC1
3rd – Hutton Woods, XC1, KTM
4th – Corey Altazin, XC2, KTM
5th – Daltyn Kennedy, XC2, KTM