ADR Results at LACC Round 5

Pete Comeaux at 2016 LACC Rd 5

Pete Comeaux






ADR was well represented at Round 5 of the 2016 LACC series at the Huff Bend Highland Run in Columbia, LA on June 25th.  Over 100 riders competed in the main event on Sunday.




Club members who competed:

Lucas Comeaux XC1 5th; 9th OA KTM
Luke Matt 3rd Novice; 30th OA KTM
Douglas “Biff” Koonce 5th Novice KTM
Rene DeMoura Senior 4th 50 KTM
Carrie Breaux 4th Women 40+ KTM
Jack Comeaux 1st PeeWee KTM
Pete Comeaux 3rd Kids Intermediate KTM

Top 5 overall finishers were:

1 Matt Crouch KTM XC1
2 Daltyn Kennedy KTM
3 Bubba Henry KTM XC1
4 Greg Bryant KTM XC40
5 Kelly Crenshaw KTM XC40
Good job everyone!

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