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ADR Vintage 2-Day ISDT Qualifier

ahrma_color_sml2Acadiana Dirt Riders is hosting the 2017 LeRoy Winters / Pete Cooper Memorial Ride on October 20 – 22, 2017.   This AHRMA-sanctioned event is an ISDT Qualifier, and will include a Dual-Sport ride on Friday, October 20th.

The event will host a banquet on the Saturday night, with outdoor movies and plenty of bench racing. Click here for a printable flyer.

Click on the “Vintage Memorial Ride” link above on the menu, or click here.

Online entry available via the AHRMA website:



Adventure Ride Mail-in Registration Form

In addition to online registration, ADR has an optional mail-in entry form available here.

Please note that the deadline to mail in an entry is September 8, 2107.

Cajun Classic Top 3 Finishers

Congratulations to Thad Duvall for 1st overall at the Cajun Classic National Enduro, Stu Baylor 2nd,and Russell Bobbitt 3rd.

Video highlights from last weekend

Sign-up Open for Acadiana Adventure 400

Online sign-up is now live!

Go here to register for this official KTM AMA Nat’l Adventure Ride Series event, slated for Sept 23-24, 2017.

Complete information on the ride can be found here.

2017 Adventure Ride Flyer

New! Sneak Peak Video Clips


2017 ADR Adventure Ride is Sept 23 – 24, 2017


ADR is pleased to announce that our 2017 Acadiana Adventure 400 Ride event has been added to the 2017 KTM AMA Nat’l Adventure Ride Series calendar.

Complete information on the ride can be found here.

2017 Adventure Ride Flyer

ADR Ragin Cajun Sprint Enduro, March 11-12, 2017

Acadiana Dirt Riders has added an AMA and SERA-sanctioned Sprint Enduro to its line-up of events for 2017, to be held on March 12, 2017, at VanWay Moto Playground in Carencro, LA.  Practice is open from 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. on Saturday, March 11th. Preregister online at starting Feb 12th at 7PM.

2017 ADR National Enduro is April 30, 2017




NEPG, the National Enduro Promotions Group, recently confirmed that ADR’s Cajun Classic Enduro event will once again be part of the 2017 National Series.  We are honored to host a National once again on April 30, 2017!

The Run-Down

ADR members have stayed busy, racing over the last few consecutive weeks.  Last weekend brought a break in the racing schedules, and resumes this weekend with a SERA Harescramble in Chipela, FL, and National and LACC events on October 23rd.


Many thanks to President Blake Plonsky – here’s the run-down of the last few weeks:

NEPG Leadbelt, Sept 18th:
Blake Plonsky, DNF

SERA, Chipley, FL on Sept 18th:
Tracy Barstow, 6th B50+, 35th OA
Heath Barstow, DNF




SERA, Ovett, MS on Oct 2nd:
Blake Plonsky, 1st A Lite, 4th OA
Luke Matt, 1st B Lite, 15th OA
Tracy Barstow, 5th B50+, 60th OA
Heath Barstow, 3rd C Beg, 52nd OA
Gene Stelly, 3rd 60+, 69th OA
Angie Stelly, 6th Women, 111th OA




LACC, Rd 7, Columbia, LA on June 25th:
Pete Comeaux, 3rd Kids Int
Jack Comeaux, 1st PeeWee
Blake Plonsky,  4th XC1, 16th OA
Luke Matt, 4th Novice, 22nd OA



LACC, Rd 7, Kentwood, LA on Sept. 25th:
Blake Plonsky, 7th XC1, 14 OA
Luke Matt, Work Points

Acadiana 400 Memories

Photo slide show and video clips of the 2016 Acadiana Adventure 400

2016 Acadiana Adventure 400

[img src=]15600
[img src=]13480
[img src=]12450
[img src=]11551
[img src=]10890
[img src=]10330
[img src=]10080
[img src=]10130
[img src=]9610
[img src=]9270
[img src=]8970
[img src=]8630
[img src=]8330
[img src=]8220
[img src=]8280
[img src=]8010
[img src=]7610
[img src=]7440
[img src=]7170
[img src=]7180
[img src=]7130
[img src=]7010
[img src=]6800
[img src=]6840
[img src=]6940
[img src=]6520
[img src=]6330
[img src=]6180
[img src=]6100
[img src=]6140
[img src=]6080
[img src=]6090
[img src=]6160
[img src=]6120
[img src=]5990
[img src=]5890
[img src=]5920
[img src=]5790
[img src=]5800
[img src=]5630
[img src=]5520
[img src=]5460
[img src=]5370
[img src=]5350
[img src=]5400
[img src=]5270
[img src=]5060
[img src=]5180
[img src=]5200
[img src=]5060
[img src=]4990
[img src=]4880
[img src=]4980
[img src=]4800
[img src=]4730
[img src=]4720
[img src=]4800
[img src=]4640
[img src=]4770
[img src=]4770
[img src=]4690
[img src=]4710
[img src=]4730
[img src=]4690
[img src=]4510
[img src=]4380
[img src=]4380
[img src=]4360
[img src=]4210
[img src=]4250
[img src=]4260
[img src=]4250
[img src=]4160
[img src=]4090
[img src=]4050
[img src=]3990
[img src=]3870
[img src=]3930
[img src=]3870
[img src=]3860
[img src=]3820
[img src=]3770
[img src=]3770
[img src=]3740
[img src=]3640
[img src=]3650
[img src=]3600
[img src=]3610
[img src=]3580
[img src=]3560
[img src=]3430
[img src=]3530
[img src=]3410
[img src=]3550


Videos – 2016 Acadiana Adventure 400